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Hip Hop Videos and Stars

There is an extraordinary fusion created with hip hop music or rap music that has become a major part of modern pop. This is not going to be out of trend quickly as the hip hop celebrities and the new music artists from all over the world are collaborating to discover hip hop culture. Both the eastern, as well as western audio worlds have made their places inside the leading charts. While the Latin American world is the inspiration along the borders, the followers in Center East, Asia, and Europe enjoy Worldstarhiphop videos equally well.

Hip hop audio music, Worldstarhiphop videos, as well as films have been gaining popularity at an accelerated pace since the 1970s. This musical culture is now accepting the type of tunes supplied in other parts of America. The Worldstarhiphop videos created by the stars, like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, and many more have gained reputation and fame globally. In this technologically advanced world, the internet makes the new album launches possible at quite faster intervals than earlier. So, people from all over the world are getting easy access to the Worldstarhiphop videos now through music websites, like Dramacity. This has a significant contribution to the rising popularity of hip-hop music with an increased number of fans from every corner of the world.

The remarkable hip-hop artists are not just creating Worldstarhiphop videos of millions of songs, but also have been awarded with the most prestigious awards, including Oscars and Grammys. The collection of Worldstarhiphop videos in Dramacity are cherished by one and all be it hip hop news or songs. Visit our website to discover why hip hop and rap are considered to be some of the most preferred audios and videos. People are not only listening to the tunes or watching movies, they’re also presenting the details about hip hop. The craze for Worldstarhiphop videos has gone to the extent that people are liking profiles, as well as creating profiles and following their favorite stars and such actions are increasing day by day. You can also make complete use of the songs in the Worldstarhiphop videos. These songs not only express their ideas well but also inspire freestyle dance form.

Check out the top Worldstarhiphop videos plus the new types of songs on the website of Dramacity. Discover the hip hop planning, as well as the cultural side of the music business. You may enjoy freestyle dancing with hip-hop songs or uncover your inventive facet by making your album for the internet.

Hip Hop Music – From Old School to the Latest

Since its creation by African-American and Latino people, hip hop and rap gained popularity at an accelerated rate. Hip hop music live performance was first made in 1979 with a hip hop single by the name of Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang and it became a huge hit globally. Subsequently, other hip-hop records, like Kurtis Blow’s The Breaks and Afrika Bambaataa’s Planet Rock were released. Though the previous music was created for having fun Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five released the Message that started the era of socially-conscious hip hop music. The mid-80s saw rappers, like LL Cool J who created hip hop singles with melodic hooks. Another popular hip-hop style called rap-rock was created by the New York duo Run DMC using hooks and hard-rock guitar. Their album Raising Hell became a top-ten hit album. New York duo Eric B. & Rakim created one of the finest albums named Paid in Full in the late 80s. During this period, another new style of political hip hop was developed on demand of groups, like Public Enemy for making political change and remove racism and injustice.

The early 90s saw alternative hip hop, like jazz-rap by adding jazz and R&B samples to the beats by groups named De La Soul. The Fugees used elements of reggae and soul to make their new hip hop style, a fun new style of hip hop pop was produced by Salt-N-Pepa, an all-girl group. The late 90s saw rappers like Mos Def, Common, and Talib Kweli, who made a new style of socially-conscious hip hop and began rapping about social and political problems over breakbeat grooves played by funk and jazz musicians. Mos and Talib’s album Black Star and Common’s album Like Water for Chocolate are good examples of this form.

In the 21st-century hip hop became a popular music genre, with hip hop albums and singles topping the charts globally. Many countries developed local hip hop scenes and produced successful artists, including Canada’s Drake and the UK’s Dizzee Rascal. Some of the most successful female rappers, like Missy Elliott, Lauren Hill, Lil’ Kim, and Nicki Minaj came up. Hip hop music has had a great influence on 21st-century pop music and many pop songs created at that time included hip hop music elements. Pop singers and rappers often worked together to produce tracks with attractive rapped verses, and pop choruses, including the single See You Again, produced by pop singer Charlie Puth and rapper Wiz Khalifa that became a huge hit in 96 countries.

In the 90s, New York or Los Angeles produced the most successful artists, but after 2000 artists from the South gained popularity. Some popular artists from the South include Usher, Ludacris, T.I., and B.o.B. from Atlanta, Bun B from Texas, and Lil Wayne from New Orleans. In the more recent period, Southern artists like Young Thug and Future have been producing exciting alternative hip hop of a new style.

Midwestern artists, like Marshall Mathers, also known as Eminem won local rapping competitions in his teenage, one of the first white rappers to do so. The crowds liked his natural flow, the humor, and the honesty of his raps, but couldn’t grab a record contract as he wasn’t a gangsta rapper. Finally, he managed to get a record deal after few years of struggling. Most of his albums have topped the charts worldwide and he’s now one of the best-selling artists of all-time.

Another top artist is Chicago’s Kanye West, who earned fame when his first of a series of a hit alternative hip hop album named The College Dropout released that helped change the direction of hip hop music. Eminem and Kanye proved that rappers didn’t need to create gangsta rap records to succeed, and alternative hip hop soon became the genre’s most popular style replacing gangsta rap. Kanye is regarded as one of the finest producers and rappers. He uses elements of gospel, jazz, and soul, classical music, as well as rock and R&B in his sample-heavy tracks, and uses multiple rapping styles, from slow and soothing to fast and aggressive. Considered the most influential hip hop artist of the 21st century, Kanye played an important role in changing hip hop’s direction and using multiple styles he’s helped to produce the gospel-influenced hip hop of Jesus Walks and the electronic rap of Black Skinhead.

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