Websites Like Worldstar Hip Hop

Websites Like Worldstar Hip Hop

Let us take you through some amazing websites which offer exciting contents like worldstar. In case you are bored of worldstar then these sites can be your next destinations. Here are some of the Best websites like worldstar:

Websites Like Worldstar Hip Hop
Websites Like Worldstar Hip Hop


Drama City Hip Hop Is the closest looking website when it comes to WORLDSTAR . The website which Was 1st called drama614 with would only post content from Columbus Oh and surrounding cities has now taken on the same look and feel as WSHH while posting hip hop videos, viral videos and urban news. You can also submit your music video to the website to gain talent exposure


Soul Central Tv is a London based media network. It was founded in 2016 and is one of the fastest growing media network. It has a tag “for indies across the globe”. It is a site which features the music videos of the celebs. It is a site like worldstarhiphop but adds some more features to it. It has a webseries which is out on every Saturdays.

It has the music interviews, videos and movies related to all the genre but hip hop being it’s center of focus. It also features a music countdown show on cables and digital platform like Direct TV, Apple TV and Roku TV. This can be your favorite after worldstar. Don’t miss to surf through.

3.Poppin Media

If you are a fan of worldstar, stay assured that poppin media will not disappoint you. Poppin media has daily content related to the hip hop videos. It also features a lot of amusing or funny videos. The content in the poppin media is rich of hip hop culture. It has however gained a fair amount of popularity owing to the funny videos it posts. This is a site that can be an impressive alternative to worldstar.


If you are interested in reading the hip hop interviews of artists, you are in the right place. XXL is a “blogging” hip hop page. This site like WSHH has tons of articles related to hip hop artists and their daily news. This website is a blessing for al the readers. It is a replacement of your magazines. XXL gained a lot of popularity after it teamed up with Eminem to release XXL PRESENTS SHADE 45 back in 2005.

So, you have a blogging site as an alternative to worldstar. Read all the exciting content and interviews!

5. Underground Hip Hop

Underground hip hop commonly known as Ughh is a must visit site for all the hip hop lovers. Ughh allows the users to explore all the hip hop related information. You get to know about the new releases as well as the upcoming releases. It has introduced a dynamic perspective to hip hop by trending the new artists as well as the established artists of the hip hop industry.

Having it’s roots in Boston it has spread its wings worldwide. Ughh has made hip hop a common name among the people. Every hip hop lover must surf through the site.

6. Boo Boo TV

Boo Boo TV is very similar to all hip hop. It features videos related to comedy, hip hop, trending topics and news. IT has a ton of videos which include the daily activities of the hip hop artists as well as interesting interviews of budding and established artists. Boo Boo TV focuses on maintaining a balance between humor and hip hop. Do take a look at it.


If you are a hip hop follower you could not have missed SOHH. But if you have, go and visit it NOW. Sohh is one of the most successfully running online hip hop news channel. It features about 1.5 million views per month! It was founded in 1996 and has even since stayed strong in the hip hop industry. It has all the hop gossips of the hip hop which ranges from the personal lives of hip hop artists to their new releases. So you cannot afford to miss this.


VLAD is also a hip hop site. It has a collection of videos and news related to hip hop industry. It features all the trending gossip and videos of the hip hop industry. VLAD also has active social media sites. You can also stay updated with all the hip hop related news from their social media handles.


If you are a hip hop lover, you would love to have a collection of mixtapes. Datpiff is exactly when you need to hop in. Datspiff lets the users to download a lot of mixtapes. The hip hop industry swears by datpiff. It has a upperhand in the hip hop industry. VH1 and MTV have sponsored datpiff. This will give you an idea about how amazing their mixtapes are. Don’t wait!


Nobody in the hip hop industry represents the culture of hip hop and it’s rapping the way hip hop dx has represented. It was founded in 1999 and has ever since been a known name in the hip hop industry. It is the most secure and trustworthy site for all your hip hop related content. It features videos, news, gossips , interviews and what not. If you want to stay updated to the hip hop world, you can not afford to miss this place!

List of 21 Top Sites

Here is a list of ten best alternatives to the worldstar site:

  1. Drama City Hip Hop
  2. Poppin Media
  3. XXL
  4. Underground hip hop
  5. Boo Boo TV
  6. Support online hip hop
  7. VLAD TV
  8. Datspiff
  9. hiphopdx
  10. Dtube
  11. Vidlii
  12. DatPiff
  16. Vanillo
  17. Vlare
  18. LiveLeak
  19. Bast
  20. DrakeTube

Now that you have found so many sites like worldstar there is no point in waiting. You must explore it all. We wish you happy hip-hop-ing! Get back to us soon.