Submit News Video in Ohio

Did you take some great news videos that you want to share on a news portal? Dramacity is a highly reputed news website that aims to reach the people of Ohio, as well as the worldwide American Diaspora who want to keep themselves up-to-date with the local news through informative and appealing videos. You can easily submit news video in Ohio to us through a simple procedure.

When any newsworthy event happens and you’re present there armed with a video cellphone means you can potentially get some financial benefits. News organizations like Dramacity pay handsomely if you’re able to submit news video in Ohio. So, when you’ve captured some exclusive and great videos with your cellphone, you’ll have to follow three basic steps to share your video with us and get paid for the video footage you’ve shot. These steps include edit, upload, and announce it to the media.

Steps to Follow to Submit News Videos in Ohio

It’s easy to enhance the quality of the captured video in a cellphone with the in-built movie editing software that most cellphones have nowadays. There are also many software solutions that can improve video quality while reducing the file size of your video. However, you shouldn’t manipulate your video extensively before you submit news video in Ohio as it can lower the quality of your video and don’t meet the requirements of the news website where you intend to submit news video in Ohio. Moreover, the news companies have more advanced software than you could probably afford to alter your video into the required length, format, and content.

In the next step, you’ll have to upload your video to an online video sharing service. Some of them offer a small amount of free storage and charge extra to provide a large amount of space. However, there are other services that limit the bandwidth your video can consume. This implies only a limited number of people can watch your video at a time.

Once you choose the right place to host your news video, you need to inform the news broadcasters about it. There are local news affiliates in every city. You simply have to determine the news station available in your area by checking on your TV what call-letters are there for your local broadcast news stations. After having the call-letters you simply need to go online and search for those call-letters on a major search engine. When you find the broadcaster’s website, navigate to the page of the site where a link is provided to submit news video in Ohio and give the basic information relevant to your video, including the URL of the video where it is uploaded and a description.

At Dramacity, we provide a platform to the viewers as the most trusted source for news and information. Our news portal has been designed in the most convenient manner to facilitate you to easily locate your desired news instantly. Today our news portal has become a premier web news portal in Ohio. With the visitors growing leaps and bounds every day the number of pages viewed in the portal is increasing. So, when you choose Dramacity to submit news video in Ohio, you can expect a large volume of news consumers will see your video.

Our news persons keep updating the local breaking news promptly and swiftly updating the net users with the current news in politics, health, entertainment, sports, business, and others. News videos are a great way to quickly and easily digest the content than a drab narrative. When browsing for the local news, our local news videos will allow you to consume more content faster as videos tend to be more engaging than static text. We create interactive and authentic local news videos so that you get to know what’s happening around Ohio easily. We always provide fresh news of absolute authenticity and ensure that the users of our portal are not carried away from the truth. You can submit news video in Ohio from your collection and get handsomely paid by us.

It takes a little effort and time to create exclusive videos, but it can help you earn money when you submit news video in Ohio. By staying alert of the surroundings, and with a little creativity and planning you can capture the right videos and submit news videos in Ohio on our news website.