Young M.A Diss Young Female Goes In On Young M.A With A New Diss

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Young M.A. is finding herself in the middle of some drama.
A promoter/rapper by the name of Winston Bih is claiming the “OOOUUU” rapper took $33,000 for a New Orleans show but did not perform.
Winston then posted videos on Instagram calling out M.A, one clip featured several individuals holding guns.
Now, the Tank Dawg Records representative has released a diss song aimed at the Brooklynite.
Winston raps over the “OOOUUU” beat while blasting Young M.A and her manager for “stealing” his $33,000.
“This is for Young M.A stealing my f-cking money,” posted Winston on Souncloud. “B-tch I need that pay up this for my city #neworleans #iwantmyf-ckingmoney.”

Yea bitch @hennynhoes I want my fuckin money the whole 33k bitch none less you skated on me and my city you got me and my team looking bad and we ain’t accepting that shit bitch I need that whole fucking 33 @akademikstv @theshaderoom

It’s been a month since Remy Ma dropped her scathing seven-minute diss track “shETHER” against Nicki Minaj. Since then, Remy’s delivered a follow-up with “Another One” and admitted she wasn’t “proud” of their beef, and Nicki’s pounced back with trio of tracks (including the direct attack “No Frauds”) and a $500,000 challenge to Remy to drop a hit in 72 hours. Remy hasn’t adhered to those rules, but did recently drop the mic while performing her original diss in Atlantic City. Got all that?
Well now, female rapper on the rise Young M.A has weighed in on her predecessors’ battle.
REVOLT TV recently caught up with the “OOOUUU” lyricist at SXSW 2017 where she first shrugged off their beef as being part of hip-hop’s competitive culture, saying:
“It’s hip-hop. That’s what it is. We done had so many beefs among the years. If it ain’t no battle, it’s kinda awkward. It’s been awhile since we had a little battle going on. It’s normal, it’s natural, it ain’t no surprise, it ain’t nothing different. It is what it is.”

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