Up And Coming Rapper Is Catching A Lot Of Backlash From How He Degrade Women

By D Drama | Published:
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  • FettyWomp

    Yall let this UGLY muthafucka degrade yall? Come on ladies smh

    • Shawn Williams

      You said it bro his ass too dam ugly

  • *WS Police Commanding General*

    What his IG?

    • PCP

      Why does this say it’s a “Free Trial when you still have to pay….something?
      AmaBella Allure Cream
      30g – 30 Day Supply
      $ 0.00
      Shipping & Handling:
      This is one of those scams. You get this so called Free Trial which they ask for your credit card? Why? So after the 30 so called Free trial ends they end up charging your credit card something like $89.99 (Not sure on the actual price/cost just putting it out there) Then they charge you on a monthly base. Just taking money out of your credit card as they please.
      I honestly didn’t think Ellen would be part of something like this.
      Now we know why she makes more money then Opera LOL
      Free Tril-BEWARE!

  • Stephen Biggs

    eating chicken with rubber gloves???? couldnt make this shyt up

  • Advanced Lil reese

    her ass is atrocious

  • LibTwats need exterminated

    2 dirty fucks with the life expectancy of a house fly.