Crazy Fight Breaks Out And Police Can’t Even Break It Up With So Many Fighting

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Cure Violence revolutionizes the perception and reduction of violence by promoting a public health and science-based perspective. Not unlike AIDS or tuberculosis, violence is a disease. If such a contagious epidemic is ignored, it is not cured, but rather, it spreads. Cure Violence understands that violence persists despite external punishment or moral judgment. In order to effectively combat peaking societal violence, social norms must be targeted from the source.

The people are not to be blamed for this epidemic, but are instead our number one resource in countering the problem. Cure Violence connects with trusted community members committed to both transforming the direction of their lives as well as to cleansing the violence from their hometowns. These individuals have experienced and participated in the violence first hand. They make it possible to anticipate where violence will occur and to intervene before violence has a chance to erupt. These individuals further act as mentors for high-risk individuals, illustrating a path out of violence and an opportunity for a more nourishing life.

Entire communities are enabled to voice a powerful message with the help of Cure Violence. At the site of shootings or common violent attacks, communities gather to protest and insist that violence is devastating, destroying both sides of the conflict, and simply not the answer.

In this video of Gary Slutkin: Disrupting Violence from PopTech on Vimeo, Gary Slutkin, the founder of Cure Violence, explains how he turned his years of fighting infectious diseases into an initiative to combat violence in his hometown of Chicago.

The Cure Violence Model is a public health approach to violence prevention that understands violence as a learned behavior that can be prevented using disease control methods. The model prevents violence through a three-prong approach:

1) Interrupt transmission

2) Identify and change the thinking of highest potential transmitters

3) Change group norms

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