Ana Kasparian vs Ann Coulter Debate: Did She Really Just Say That

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Coulter explained that one only need to look at what Trump promised he would do and what he has actually done. The two obviously don’t match up. Coulter wondered if his supporters simply thought it would be funny to have an angry billionaire in the White House and didn’t think about the actual implications on government.

As one of his vocal supporters, Coulter specifically claimed a Trump administration would be able to fix what she has called a serious immigration problem that extends beyond “illegal immigration.” But now that Trump is in office, no legislation has passed and the only laws that have been signed are executive orders that have been largely ceremonial or struck down by the courts.

At one point during the discussion, Coulter claimed that “no one goes to prison for pot possession.” In fact, 643,121 were arrested in 2015 for marijuana possession, according to DrugPolicy.org. Of those, 574,641, a full 89 percent were ultimately charged. Those that are charged and ultimately convicted are largely people of color.

Coulter also bashed Trump for the embarrassing violations of anti-nepotism laws.

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“Ivanka [Trump] cried. Kids died,” Coulter told the crowd about Trump’s airstrikes on Syria. She explained that because Trump’s daughter saw children dying in the streets, Trump pivoted on his “America First” policy to bomb Syria. The move was largely ineffective as the administration flagged it for Russia, who in turn revealed it to the Syrians.

Ann Coulter and Ana Kasparian were slated to debate LIVE at Politicon last weekend, but just as they started to debate, Cenk Uygur and Ben Shapiro rushed into the room and genocided Ana for being Armenian.

Ann Coulter complained about it, but then they called her an anti-Semite for mentioning it and so she had to shut up about it.

The whole audience was yelled at and told that if they ever talked about it, they would be anti-Semites, so no charges have been filed in the genocidal murder. Although I don’t really understand that, since there is video of it on YouTube.

Also, why is every host at Politicon a colored person?

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